Yes, I paid to see Floyd and Manny battle in the ring. For weeks, I told myself as well as everyone around me that I was not going to spend one hundred dollars to watch. I showed disgust as bars around me charged an entrance fee to watch. This entrance fee wasn’t cheap, some sixty dollars. In those weeks is where I had that change of heart. Basically for all the negative things I said, they ended up being the reasons why I was buying it. I found out what Floyd stands for as well as why he is paid so much money.
I have always appreciated what Mayweather does as a career. As a fan, we fail to understand the sport of boxing. We fall back to “it’s a fight” and not a match. Boxing is a sport, based on a scoring system. This is has nothing to do with how many punches are thrown or how flashy you look but more on how many land, who “owns” the ring. Olympic boxing would be a great example of this. Simply put, white part of the gloves must hit flush to be given a point. We watch boxing and think that the more entertaining fighter is the leader on the scorecards. We feel punches wins rounds, this is hardly the case.
To understand boxing as a sport is to understand how great Floyd actually is. Literally, to watch Floyd is watching the art of boxing. Kids learning the sport should be taking notes of every fight, that also includes his business side of how to sell one too. I look back at fights like Gatti/Ward. They were wars in the ring. There was no bad guy, just two warriors. To watch this fight, you find what I am speaking of. A fight. Two men punching each other, it’s entertaining. Nothing technical about it. I am not taking anything away for their ability as a boxer. Floyd for the rest? Major gap. Floyd did fight Gatti. Floyd won, Gatti couldn’t get out of the corner. He was also home. George Foreman said it best. “The more boring the jazz, the better it is.” While Gatti was more colorful, Floyd dominated the fight. Landing more solid punches. Clearly a talent gap.
What you see is a product that Floyd portrays. We don’t like to see the good guys because we don’t want to see them lose. We want to see the bad guy get knocked out. Laid out starring at the lights. The sport of boxing makes no money. The “Hollywood” of boxing does. “Pretty Boy” died when “Money” was born. He took notes from WWE. He made a persona. He made a character. He made an image that sold tickets, PPV’s. He is so good at this that even I sometimes believe I dislike him. You hate his cars, his clothes, his ways of gambling. IF this is the case, you hate Money Mayweather, not Floyd. His opponents have a lot to thank him for, as well as keeping boxing relevant.
I have a lot to thank him for. You might not like to hear this, but so do you. He has taken the “bad guy” character and has made the random person who knows nothing about boxing speak of him. Possibly even dislike him. This is what he wants, he knows the business side of boxing. In fact, he is better at the business side then he is in the ring. Care to disagree Floyd? Fans hate the character. No one knows him outside of boxing. He isn’t your friend. You literally don’t know him. Nothing is personal, its business.
After watching Saturday, I realized a lot. I actually owe Floyd. With that said, I wrote a letter to him. It’s going to be quite hard for me to give it to him, but….

     Dear Floyd,
     I want to take a moment and Thank You. I took a break from the pre-fight festivities to sit and finally relax after a day of cooking. While sitting with my head starring at the ceiling. I pondered all the money I just spent. The hundred for the fight, cases of beer, bottles of wine, liquor and food. As I was stressing, I heard laughter. I tilted my head back to the front and saw my wife laughing. My son running around. My friends and neighbors conversing how they think and want you to lose. It was then I realized what you are actually bringing to the table. In life, we have jobs, responsibilities and stresses that prohibit us from enjoying other company.
     For the first time in a while, I had family and friends over to forget about those concerns. For a couple of hours, all of us had nothing to worry about. We had no worries of the job, laughed about the past and conversed about future ambitions. As I sat in my chair, I realized that I am getting all this at your expense. For one night, you gave me and the rest of my house a REASON to get together. Most of us asking to experience your knockout. Which obviously, isn’t probably going to happen. While I know what I hear isn’t actually you. Your persona has made people come to my house. I can attest that most don’t watch boxing, or even know another boxer outside of Saturday. With that, I have memories for life. All of this wouldn’t be happening if you weren’t going to be on the screen.
     I watched all the pre-fight shows. In one, it stated you wrote a letter to all members of your team. You stated to them that you only have so much left and how much you appreciate them. Mentioning that you wouldn’t be where you are at without them. You explained that you have supported all of them for them supporting you. I am going to speak for everyone, whether or not they want to admit it. That letter actually spoke to all of us.
     You have given me a reason to forget my worries. Whether that be money to job. You for one night given me a reason to have a good time with people I don’t always see. For all the money I spent, I have something special. Priceless at that. Finally, I arose from my chair and joined the laughter. Sadly, you have stated you have one fight left. The rest is up to me.

Thank you
John Helt

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