I was one of the front runners for good ole Joe Paterno.  I didn’t support his decision to hold this information to himself.  What I did think, what he was saying was in fact the truth.  I believed that he was unaware of the heinous behavior of his once defensive coordinator.  How can someone who knows what is going on go to the point of literally nothing?

Let me get out why I actually supported Joe.  For one, if someone came up to you and told you something completely disgusting about a very close friend of yours, I think it would be very difficult to call the police.  I think that you would tell a higher authority and tell them to investigate.  He did what he was supposed to do.  He told his superior to look into it and handle it.  Well there it is, why I supported him

The thing is after I read the whole report, I have come to a conclusion that not only is what I thought was wrong, By  the way, calling it a report is a complete understatement.  That’s a book.  This man covered up what is one of the worst things I have ever heard in my life.  Joe Paterno said he never knew of the 1998 incident.  Freeh says he has.  With that, he has proof of it.  Graham Spanier was the president at the time.  No matter how much you say, he is the man over Joe Paterno.  He failed to communicate any of these findings to the board of trustees.  Even more disturbing, he communicated with Gary Shultz, the Senior Vice President.  These conversations consisted of “if” we release these pieces of information.

Penn State gave Jerry Sandusky complete freedom over the Penn State campus.  This is where he had he time to do these crimes, a place and sadly an impression.  This all fell on Joe Paterno’s watch.  It happened in front of his own eyes.  This is hard to believe, but it is true.  IT was covered up.   This man ruined the lives of these poor kids. The president and vice president, who knew of this information, didn’t even bother to report this to his charity.  The Second Mile was a charity to help children set up by Jerry Sandusky.  All this is happening, not one word said.  Four men and a couple janitors knew what Jerry was doing.  No one stopped it.  McQueary had a chance to do something.  SOMETHING.  What gets me the most is that they did nothing and now they turn to say they didn’t know anything?  Just like anyone else who gets caught?  The “I didn’t do it.” In my opinion, not only did they know of it, they approved.  How else can a true man hear or see anything going on in the shower of Penn State and not do anything.  With that, it was said that Sandusky never stopped.  Think about the last time you got caught doing anything, didn’t you get scared and stop.  Sandusky never even did that.  Years after when the information hits public, every one scatters.

The Paterno family is never going to regain the name that once was his.  Never.  No matter how you twist it, it was his watch and he knew of it for years.  He saw Jerry walk around on the field with children.  His field, his locker room and all on his watch.  Is this the opening of Pandora’s Box the Vice President said?  Wow.  Accusations like this should always be addressed.  That goes without saying.  What is more concerning to me is that not once did any of them take this up with the man himself.  No one asked Jerry if any of this was true.  They didn’t even give him the chance to lie.  They just accepted it.

I have a completely different point of view now.  Obviously.   I now believe that not only was this a cover up, it was surprising okayed.  The characters in this show have all showed their true beliefs.  They supported this man.  Joe Paterno before he died said he wished he had done more.  I don’t think any of us assumed it would be this bad.  His statue sits still out in Happy Valley.  While people are aggressively going after the taking down of the statue, there is more here to be addressed.  Something needs to be done.  The first thing is not this statue.  More laws, more restriction and more internal investigations.  This could have been avoided.  This could be left up to honest people, which apparently doesn’t exist.  The Statue should be taken down.  Maybe, when everything calms down, there might be a chance to put it back up.  Honestly. I don’t think it should ever go back up.  This scandal is bigger than Penn State football, which now makes what that statue was all about worthless.  While Joe Paterno “can” be remembered for is enormous amount of years in Penn State football, this scandal is more than that.  Times ten if not a hundred.

There isn’t much Penn State can do here to help this situation out.  They had their chance.  Oops, sorry, they had their CHANCES.  Chances.  That’s incredible.  On multiple occasions they had the opportunity to address this to the authorities.  Even more to Jerry Sandusky.  Four sad excuses of men.

With all this being said, what’s next?  I will give you a couple of things the NCAA should do.  One is getting rid of the board of trustees.  Time to start fresh.  I just can’t think that even they knew of “nothing”.   Two, take down the statue.  I understand that it stands for football.  But as of right now it doesn’t.  The last thing anyone wants is a reminder.  While it is not a solution, it is cough drop for a cold.  Three, allow the recruits for football to transfer.  None of these kids need to go onto a field and into this mess.  They had nothing to do with it.  Keep in mind that none of this is the FOOTBALL program’s problem.  This was the doings of one man with men that happen to be in football.  It should stop there.  Four, allow counseling.  This may be very traumatic for a lot of these students.  There are in a college where they will have asterisks next to their diploma.  Every time someone says where did you go to school, they actually might hesitate and say Penn State.  What comes next is just not the best thing to talk about.  Joe hoped that certain words were said when remembering him.  To make Penn State a better place and not just a football coach.  Well, let’s hope they remember you as a football coach.


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