Watching Super Bowl 46 as a Tom Brady fan was heart breaking. Again, the defense weakened for the Patriots and again on the closing minutes. The Wes Welker drop with 4 minutes left in the game obviously didn’t help either. With that catch, Tom Brady and the Patriots would have, for the most part, put out the G-Men. The Patriots would have had the ball around the 20 yard line and with the Giants only having one time out, could have made it a two possession game. Basically sealing another Lombardi for TB12 and the Hoodie. But then and only then, appears Eli Manning.

I guess it really doesn’t have to be mentioned that Eli is the little brother to the guy who built the stadium played in last night, Peyton. Peyton took the year off to do Papa John commercials. Seriously, he is really hurt with a nerve issue in his neck. Jeopardizing his career and quite possibly his ability to walk. But, with Eli all over the papers for Sunday’s game, Peyton decided to try to steal the spotlight. By saying a day before the “Big Game” that he was cleared to play this year. While I believe this is extremely hard to believe, even if he does, it will not be in Indy. They just fired the coach and brought in a defensive minded one. Cleared out upstairs and he is due 28 million dollars this year. What is the icing on the cake? The Colts have the first pick in the NFL Draft this year. So it would be hard to not to get rid of Peyton. You have to think of the future here. Peyton before this all happened might have had 5 years left. He never gets hit. With this, even if he does play, the years or even year, are minimal. It’s hard seeing your brother get some much attention in your own house, isn’t it? I didn’t even see him in the box with Archie and Cooper. A little jealous I guess.

Let’s get this out first. Eli played phenomenal. Honestly, the man played like he should have been there. The thing is, as well has he played in 46, what’s going to be remembered is the Manningham catch. To beat the Patriots of ‘07, it needed history. Literally, a catch that will never be forgotten. Eli was the MVP of that game, but I think David Tyree is the most known. Manningham for this one. Somehow getting both feet to stay in, magnificent catch. The pass though, well it couldn’t be any more pinpoint. I am saying this because what is going to be known from this Super Bowl as much as Super Bowl 42, is a catch.

When you talk about the best quarterbacks in the league today, Eli’s name falls in the middle of the pack. Why? Tom Coughlin will be on the chopping block again, like he is every year. Why? Is it because of how they made it? A weakened NFC East? The Patriots do it every year like that, a weakened AFC East despite Buffalo’s strong start. The Giants were 2.5 point underdogs in this game too. Why is there no respect for the men in blue?

Well, in the last three season Eli has passed for 4,000 yards. Before then, barely 3,300. To be in the quality of the top Quarterbacks in the league 4,000 is the bench mark. An Example. When playing fantasy football, there are very few (3) quarterbacks to take in the first or second round. Besides that, most quarterbacks fall into the same stats, for the most part. 3,500 yards passing, 23 TD’s and 17 INTS. Average stats, the middle of the pack. Consistent, among the average, just like Big Ben, is where Eli sits.. Tom Coughlin will be on the chopping block again. This is the confusing part. Reason is because he finds a way to win. What I mean by that is that he finds a way not to lose. The opposing team falters, and Coughlin’s team pounces. It seems for some reason that the team plays well even without Coughlin really coaching. For instance, Jordan. Did he really need a baby sitter in Phil Jackson? It is inconsistency. Eli needs a couple more years, not rings, of being known who owns the NFC East. 4,000 yard seasons. The leader and the man who runs the machine that was the Giants Sunday. In fact, we need to see that Eli every year. There is no reason why it cannot happen. For now, he is an average quarterback with two rings, not a first ballot. If it wasn’t for those historic catches, you wouldn’t know of his heart and determination in those games.

I just got into this new song by Brett Dennon. Its called Comeback Kid. One of the catch lines is “Everyone likes an underdog.” This is true. For some reason Eli wasn’t the favorite. Reason being, he was playing Tom Brady, not the Patriots. You just can’t leave the game in Brady’s hands. Well unless there is under a minute to go or when his wide receivers decide to have stone hands, right Giesle. We don’t like to see success. I don’t know why though. Brady, who always compliments his teammates and is never on TMZ, was rooted against. The model wife, the 26 million dollars pad and a sure ride to Canton on a first ballot. Oh, and he wins. America didn’t want Tom Terrific to be the underdog. They wanted Eli and the Giants to be.

Jealously is the case with that. Tom lives the “life”. The “must be nice”. The “Oh, he is a football player and has a ton of money.” Tom Brady signed a contract for 4 years and around 75 million. Eli signed a 6 year 97.5 million dollar deal. Money is the same, Super Bowl MVP the same. What’s the difference? Simple, Tom Brady is “That Guy”. Just because. He is the one that you envy, but never admit to it. He is the kid that has the really nice basketball that you want to use but not let him play. Jealous. Thing is though, at the end of the day Eli has two rings and has a foot in the door to the Hall of Fame. With that said though, numbers don’t lie. His numbers for three years have been stellar. Beyond that, average. So by saying Eli has two rings, two Super Bowl MVP’s and a ride to Canton. Not yet. He is the underdog for a reason. All though with this win, he might not be anymore. He and you will know the exact moment when he is on his ride to Canton. The very first time you Boo against him.

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