In the many years of watching football on Sundays, Peyton Manning will not be on my screen.  Being a huge Tom Brady fan, the news of this is bittersweet.  I enjoy every week comparing the stats and running in to the Manning lawyers to boast.  With this being said, Peyton will always be America’s quarterback.  He is cheered for, beloved and also defended on every category.  So why is it that no matter what is said, Peyton Manning must be defended on every possible thing?

Peyton Manning was the first overall draft pick coming out of Tennessee in the 1998 draft.  Expectations are high obviously when you are picked number one overall, also considering the name that he carries on his back.   Manning deserves the attention that he is getting.  Well rounded, precision accuracy and a damn good quarterback.  The gripe with me is not trying to bash Peyton for not being great.  What I am trying to prove is that he hasn’t done what Tom Terrific has and the Manning will be defended for it.

Yes, stats show that Manning is a clear cut winner in mostly every category in the NFL quarterback situation.  When talking to Manning’s lawyers, Brady doesn’t even fall on the same scale as Montana, Marino and Manning.  Absurd comments to me.  I will defend Tom Brady.  I am a huge fan.  I enjoy his game from beginning until end.

The dynamic duo of Peyton Manning to Marvin Harrison is compared to Montana to Rice.  While Peyton’s stats have been padded with a gun totting future hall of famer, Tom had to deal with Deion Branch.  When Brady walked into the front office and asked for a pay cut in order to get a decent wide receiver in, Randy Moss got a call.  Now, with Peyton Manning owning season records with Harrison, were now in jeopardy with this duo.  This is when the defense attorney’s of America came to court for him.  “It’s Randy Moss” that is what  was shouted from the roof tops.  The only reason why Tom Brady had these stats was because Moss had joined the team.  This is true. What needs to be understood with certain stats is that Brady’s stats might be smaller, but the ending prize is in the favor of number 12.  3-1 is the score and with Tom the better odds to have more.

Even with that being said about future Super Bowls, Manning’s lawyers still have him higher than Brady.  Manning’s 2011 season looks like it could be over.  The question is how much of a chance does he have to achieve the top level once again.  With the Patriots always in the mix, the window seems to be shutting on the great quarterback.

Peyton doesn’t need to have another Super Bowl to be considered great.  It always seems that Peyton Manning can never do anything wrong.  The people will speak for him.  Its not Brady’s arm, its the play calling.  Brady throws short passes.  No matter what you say about Tom Brady, there is a comeback for Manning.  Manning has to be better in everything.  Which is so childish.  What is honestly the goal here?  It can come down to Tom Brady and the PAtriots winning another Super Bowl, and I can hear Manning’s lawyers already saying well, Peyton threw for 4,000 yards again.

When you ask the public to name the best quarterback ever, the majority answer is Joe Montana.  With stats favoring Dan Marino, he falls a disappointing second for the clear reason of championships.  Peyton Manning is a protected man.  The public loves to hate Tom Brady.  I want a winner on my team, not a man for himself.  Harrison was there to help Manning achieve the stats that made him into the man that he is.  I give Manning credit, Reggie Wayne wouldn’t be who he is if number 18 wasn’t throwing him the ball.  That’s real.  As for being the best quarterback ever and in the top ten in greatest players of all time, hardly.   Manning has been a product of a great family tradition.  Amazing fundamentals and sheer talent.  His chances are behind him as a player to become champion of a Super Bowl.  Brady, to my opinion, has two left.  The system is right for him.  The Peyton Manning system was him, and him only.  Now with possibly out and his career in jeopardy, the Colts now face what Jacksonville has been seeing the last couple years.  Indy needs to be sweating right now.  I mean this truthfully too.  With a new stadium in tact, Manning is the face of the franchise.  With him gone, trouble in sues.  The Colts literally have a chance of going 6 and 10, and I am not joking…look at the schedule.  Man, I can hear it again.  The lawyers saying thats how important Peyton is to the team, and MVP.  Well fellas..when Tom went down with the leg injury, not only were the Patriots 3 to 1 favorites to the Bowl, the Jets were 77 to 1.  With Tom out…the Jets went to 7 to 1.  MVP of the team, as well a major asset for the NFL.  Eat that Manning lovers.

This isn’t about saying how Manning isn’t ONE of the greatest of all time.  (read that line correctly lawyers)  Its about why must he be great at everything, when he isn’t at the prize.  Trent Green played for the Chiefs and threw for close to 4,000 if not over for 3 years straight.   That got swept under the rug.  Peyton’s interception in the Super Bowl which sealed the game wasn’t even his fault.  It was a bad route run.  When is Manning going to be held accountable for what he does wrong?  It’s always someone else’s fault.  Tom, when he does well, let’s just say that doesn’t happen.  Moss, tuck rule, and Super Bowl performances.  All must give credit to the other players.  Not the full length of the field to set up the winning field goal.  It’s the fact they had to kick a field goal.

The argument is getting a little old.  Its still an argument because think about it, when wrong you get defensive.  The goal is to win championships.  Plain and simple.  The players who are drafted aren’t there to make there career stats awesome.  They are there to put asses in the seats and the give the best possibility to bring it home.  When the Colts won the Super Bowl, that team was built to beat the Patriots.  It was built to do just that.  98.0% to 73 % is the passer rating when these two square off.  Tom being the 98.

Peyton Manning is overrated.  Uh oh, I said it.  But now the explanation.  He is overrated for being so high on the scale of greatness.  He is one of the best to ever play, not thee.  That is why he is overrated.  Tom Brady isn’t thee either, but he is better than Manning.  Every year it comes down to Manning vs Brady.  Fans of both players say this.  When asked of Manning fans is Tom close, the answer is no.  Then why the comparison every year, or at all.  Reason being behind that is that the defense is out there.  Deep down inside, wait, not deep at all.  Tom Brady is a better quarterback.  I want a winner, a man who brings championships home, not accolades.  Tom does just that.  I think I have to stop rambling, my neck is starting to hurt.

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