As Amir Khan trains and prepares for a fight with a past his prime Zab Judah, I still wonder where is the fight with a class A fighter.  While the sport of boxing is still laying on the canvas, the sport is still looking for a decent fight.  While fans still wait around for a Mayweather/Pacquiao showdown, its situations like this that could help the boxing scene.

Amir Khan, hailing from over the pond in England, would bring his country of fans in support.  While the fight we were expecting in Tim Bradley would have done the same here in the states.  Problem with this is that the people in the States see the fight with Zab as a joke.  Zab, 33, is nine years ahead of Amir, a rising star.  Zab’s best days are behind him.  Don’t get me wrong, Judah is a very good fighter for the first three rounds and starts to fall apart after that.  I think we can remember how frustrated he was getting when he had to punch Floyd in the crotch.  Zab Judah is a great Friday Night Fight main event, and is  even a great what I call “named opponent” on HBO Boxing after Dark.  To be a headline with Amir Khan is more for Khan to push his stats higher.  It’s also a nice present from Amir so Zab can have a paycheck, decent one at that.

In boxing, for the most part, fighters don’t start getting known or even on decent air time until around 23 to 26 fights in.  Most of the time you are also undefeated at this point.  Then you get an undercard fight to a fighter that is to be your next feat.  The rest is up to you after that, win and your the man.   Lose and you might have problems getting the opportunity again.  Belts mean nothing in this sport, which is sad.  A belt in boxing is a Main Event Pay Per View.  Paulie Malignaggi, who Khan fought, was right.  “Boxing is full of shit”  The reason why Paulie even got a shot at Khan was because of his outburst he had after a fight  stating that comment.  He is right though.  Where is Paulie now?  Oh Well.

With all that being said, why is Khan ducking.  He is in a point in his career where he needs to take the best fight available.  Judah is a sparring match.  Khan does have the speed, punching power and chin.  Sorry, he doesn’t have the chin.  The fight with Tim Bradley was set up.  Let’s face it, Khan is still learning.  As his name becomes bigger and bigger, he has to take the fight.  The Twitter fight between him and Judah should have been ignored knowing that Zab isn’t on his level.

Do I need to set this fight up myself?  25 and 1 Khan (17 KOs) would face 27 and 0 Bradley ( 11 KOs).  Both fight Orthodox.  Khan has four inches on Tim and three years younger.  Bradley not afraid to attack for most of the fight.  Willing to be a toe to toe fight considering Khan does the same.  Bradley has had some challenges in recent fight with Devon Alexander and Lamont Peterson.  Khan’s last challenge was in a great fight with Miadana in December.  Khan knows his limits, otherwise he would make a permanent residence out of the states where boxing is prime and challenging, right Lennox.

If Khan wants to be someone in the boxing world he needs to take on the challenge.  He has every opportunity in the world.  He can help boxing get off the canvas and back on its feet with his skill.  Question is does he have the skill that we see.  Is he Kramer from Seinfeld when he took karate lessons and was beating up children.  All in the same class, but not skill.  Khan needs to get out of his class and join the big boys.   I’m tired of hearing how great he his and what he does.  Lets see it.  I am not taking away his skill, but let’s see someone challenge him.  He would bring international attention.  While the articles and the country over the pond continue to hype up the silver medalist, he needs to earn his nickname.  To be called the King, you have to have the  crown.  In the boxing world that crown  would be a useless piece of gold on a belt.  Sadly, there is like seven of them, and Khan has two.  Small town to be a King…Khan.

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