Gee, did I spell that wrong…anyway…I once owned this Buick Regal.  It was from 1983, a little beat up just because it was from 1983…duh.  It was my first car and that meant that I was free, at least to me I was.  The Regal got me to a bunch of exciting places that I wouldn’t normally be at.  I could listen to whatever music I wanted to, as loud as I wanted.  I was finally growing up.  My car was everything to me.  I mean c’mon, think of your first car.  I would drive somewhere because I had a car.  I would even offer to drive my friends places.   As time progressed the car eventually got older.  If I purchased a part for it, the part that I put the part on would then go bad.  Yeah, I said that right.  Which meant that I really couldn’t enhance it because I didn’t have that kind of money to upkeep it.  Then there were other things such as the passenger window not being able to go down, the car not coming out of second gear, the heat didn’t work and the fact that it just smelled like gas.  I would get stuck on the way to school just…just because.  Not that it over-heated, it did that because it had a mind of its own.  As time moved on, gas increased and my patience with the car decreased.  It was just getting to me that nothing would work on a constant basis.

Andy Reid has been with us here at Philadelphia for 12 years now.  The road for the most part has been stellar.  Yes Birds fans, I said stellar.  To get a coach that has had a record as he has, isn’t easy to come by.  With a 118 and 73, with 1 tie (cue the McNabb being dumbfounded), record puts Reid among the elite.  Seven, in that 12, SEVEN divisional champions and one NFC champion, only to lose to a more powerful Belechick team.  Four of those seven were NFC championship games.  That to me is amazing, until you watch the games and see how they are coached.

His playing calling is iffy at times, and when he takes a risk it ends up being at the wrong time.  Run Westbrook, call a time-out here and the lack of proper clock management were of the most common things you would hear.  Of those years, the most positive you felt was when Terrell Owens was here.  McNabb to Owens was a spectacle to watch.  Reid’s play calling couldn’t be insulted.  To me, that was one of the only times that the Eagles actually had “a chance”.  The players have to be blamed also, but it does rest on the man calling the shots from the sideline.  The rest of the years Reid coached very well to get himself where he belongs, that being the play-offs.

I am at no means taking away what Andy Reid is, or what he has done here.  Check this stat, with over a 100 wins, he is 11th of all time with a .608 winning percentage.  Among active coaches, he is second, with the man in the hood leading the way.  He has made pro bowlers, sent assistants on to heads and making a city come together.  The team was terrible when A Reid got a hold of it.  He took McNabb and had to take the ridicule while the mayor at the time, Ed Rendell,  ran a rally on who he thought was the right pick, Ricky Williams.  All the while Reid was constantly being bashed, for what winning.  Which he did on a constant basis.  Look, what I am trying to say is this, just like my Regal, it got me from point A to point B.  Did the radio not work at times, sure.  Would the car stall at a red light, yes and did I have problem getting it started, absolutely.  When it all came down to it, the car got the job done but i wanted more.  I don’t know how to fix a car and I am sure as hell am no mechanic. I couldn’t keep the up-keep to it.  I needed a new car that could do more for me.  Although,  I loved that car and still have the emblem from the front grill, I needed something that would get me this, that and the other (right Elaine).  With Andy though, it has turned stagnant.  He can get us to the play-offs over and over again, but we want the other.  Philly wants to have Vince paraded down Broad Street.  Let Reid have the job upstairs.  Let him conduct the show from up there.  He has been the general manager before.  To give an evaluation on his performance is vague because he was Head Coaching too.  Lets see what he can do from up in the office.  I, for one, do not want to see Reid go.  I also have a hard time seeing him on the sideline coaching the Eagles.  Just like my Regal, someone else could use it/him.  A single mom with a family of four walking home with groceries from Acme could use, at once, my Buick.  Just like the Browns, Carolina, Jacksonville could all use Andy Reid.  They are at the point where Andy picked up the Eagles.  He built this team to where it is.  It has gotten this far, but maybe the answer lies there.  Maybe we get a new coach, give A Reid the general manager position and all is well.  Sounds good, but Philadelphia has to build from that.  With a couple bad years comes great ones.  Let Andy Reid get his feet wet and he will shine.   Look what he did as a head coach.  The Eagles should be smart enough to make this move, should, because in 2 years when his contract is up, he could just move on.  This is a tough city.  Home to passionate fans that show and let you know how they feel.  If Andy was to come back to the sideline with another team, this town would get up and give a standing ovation.  Simply because he was the best coach that Philadelphia has ever seen.

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  1. Insightful, interesting. I agree. Reid is a winner who doesn’t win the big game. I would like to see him change because he’s a good coach who just doesn’t seem to learn from his biggest mistakes. I could see the franchise tanking for a few years without him, but maybe that’s worth a truly fresh start at a title.

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