Arcade Fire won Album of the Year according to the contributing voters of the Grammy panel.  Arcade Fire’s album the Suburbs was fourth on my list to win.  Eminem’s “Recovery” and Lady Gaga’s “Fame Monster” were sure fire front-runners to take this award.  Recovery was an album that had perfection written all through it as “Fame Monster” was another album showing the greatness that is Lady Gaga.  Katy Perry’s album, “Teenage Dream”, was another album that had hit after hit on it.  These three albums could be listened to almost cover to cover.  Arcade Fire on the other hand, had songs that were passable.  What the panel was listening to, I have no idea.  Eminem lost once again in the fear of letting modern Hip-Hop take the crown.  The Marshal Mathers lp lost to Steely Dan back in 2001.  Although Steely Dan’s album, “Two Against Nature”, was nothing to pass on, Eminem “Marshal Mathers” was absolutely amazing.  Same goes for “Recovery”.  How can a band like Arcade Fire, a band I barely heard of,  take the biggest crown of the night.

The performances thankfully made up for the night of disappointments of certain winners.  To see Cee lo Green go back in time and replicate Elton John was unFORGETable.  Hearing a new, I said it, new Dr. Dre song is always going to be something to wait for.  Usher is always entertaining to watch, but to see him and his replacement was spectacular.  Mick Jagger apparently had some facial work done, ran around on stage just saying one word for 4 minutes.  Bob Dylan had an easy night because you couldn’t understand him, including trying to understand if he could still play the harmonica.  Lady Gaga performed her new song “Born This Way” which had her, we’ll say being born again.  The beat to the song might have everyone in uproar considering it is Madonna’s “Express Yourself” all over again. The song is great.  There are people from both sides with this.  You have one where fans say it is great, and others who say it is a disappointment.  I’m missing all the complaints apparently.  Kid Rock took “Werewolves of London” and mixed it with “Sweet Home Alabama” and now you have Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long.”  Even to what some consider as the greatest song ever was a stolen rif.  “Stairway to Heaven’s”,by Led Zeppelin,  opening cords were taken from a band called Spirit.  Don’t believe me, look up the song called “Taurus” by them.  Rap always takes “samples” of songs and mixes them with a beat.  Eminem did it with “Dream On” by Aerosmith and Puff Daddy’s “I’ll Be Missing You” was the Police’s “Every Breathe You Take.”  Lady Gaga took a song and changed it to hers.  Let’s settle down and get angry when she doesn’t admit it sounds like it.  Remember Robert Van Winkle repeating over and over, no mine goes dum dum dum da da  dum dum.  When Gaga can’t admit that, then we attack her.

Lady Antelbellum took Record of the Year with “Need You Now” in which I’ve had enough of.  The song was not as good as it’s competition.  “Love the Way You Lie”, “Fuck You”, and “Empire State of Mind” were clearly better songs, unless you fans of Lady.  It was the only song they sang for the past year because they did not make the cut-off for the Grammy’s last year.  Their stage show is to just stand there.  Thankfully, it’s over and they should move on to another song, sadly they won and they might think they have to keep on singing it.  Believe me, we need no more.

Most of us watch to see the performances.  Miranda Lambert got the short end because she had to perform after Lady Gaga.  If I was Miranda’s PR guy I would have made sure that didn’t happen.  Lady Antebellum just stood there and beat another horse dead.  Poor Christina.  Gaining a little weight for herself, and having to be the “Special”  out of the bunch with her red gem stone microphone stand, almost took another embarrassment.  A week after the botched National Anthem, Christina at the end of her performance almost stage dove off into the crowd.  It’s time to go home and get yourself together, because another set of millions watched you.  Besides that, the only disappointment lies within who wins these honorable awards.  You mean to tell me Justing Bieber didn’t win New Artist of the Year?  The artists make art.  Literally, these artists spend a lot of time pouring out everything they have to express what it is they have to express.  This is their time to shine within a group of their own peers.  Not the public eye, not album sales, no money.  Just strictly who made the best artistic music.  Hip-Hop has only been an award since 1995 when Naughty By Nature won.  The panel of judges do not want to put a hard-core album like Eminem’s or Lil Wayne’s as the winner.  They did chose OutKast “Speakerboxxx” as album of the year but had no choice considering it’s competition was Missy Eliot, Evanescence, Justin Timberlake and The White Stripes.  The Grammy panel didn’t have a choice with that one.  The true test will come next year.  Kanye West’s album “My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy” is almost a shoe in.  You can hate him for obvious reasons, but his music is simply great, no no, artistic.  This is what every person on the Grammy Panel is looking for in an album, except one thing, it is a Rap Album.

One thought on “An Arcade Win

  1. Good analysis. I am not the biggest fan of Arcade Fire, but you have to admit they’re pretty good and have a unique sound. I haven’t really listened that closely, but their album is supposed to be on a theme (the suburbs) which they expressed pretty creatively, I think.
    I’m glad an indie band received some recognition. Mumford & Sons are a great new/old sound and they were at least nominated, which helps get their sound to more people. I definitely agree that Beiber should have gotten best new artist, the award which I think is more like a popularity contest.

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