As game time approached, fans and viewers aren’t just excited to see the Main Event of the evening.  They also are in store for the theatrics of the Super Bowl.  Every year, whether we admit it or not, we watch for the Half-time show and the obvious commercials that cost millions for a 30 second spot.  After a fall and winter of football, the football game played at the Super Bowl lived up to the hype of the Season finale of the 2010 season.  The theatrics, well….

We all have to admit that we do delay our bathroom breaks to take a look at the commercials during the Big Game.  Major companies spend lucrative amounts of money in production to spend 2.6 million for a 30 second spot.  Price seems to be right considering that an estimated 111 million people watch Aaron Rodgers and his Pack defeat the Steelers.  The thing is  that usually the commercials are memorable and make them water cooler conversations.  The most conversation happening wasn’t about the commercials as much as it was about how bad the theatrics were.  I know that we are supposed to be talking about the game  that was played but the Super Bowl thrives itself on being a show.  I expected a little more from Budwiser, one of the most memorable companies sponsoring, than just singing Elton John’s Tiny Dancer.  Go Daddy, who became popular for using Candice Michelle’s boobs to sell its product of a web host has not changed since.  Go Daddy became more well known before hitting 45 million domain name from the Super Bowl after hiring Indy Car driver Danica Patrick as a sponsor.  The creativity of these ads are falling apart.  Almost, seeming like a waste of money considering everyone is talking about your commercial in the way you didn’t want them to, or maybe that is the marketing scheme.  Besides that, maybe the Darth Vader kid, Eminem cartoon and Doritos were the stand out, the other will just be commercials that I take my bathroom break.  This is the time for these companies to shine considering the money they are spending on a spot that a third of of the country is watching.  They are not one of the two teams in this game.  This is their Main Event, and they got knocked out, barely throwing a punch.

Starting off was a disaster.  The week of snow is Texas caused havoc for the festivities.  Flights were delayed if not all available.  Four hundred seats weren’t even available even though sold to customers that wanted to see their team play, instead had to watch it from a bar inside Cowboys stadium.  Seriously, can you imagine buying a ticket to the game to watch the Super Bowl and being told you seat isn’t even built.  That’s crazy.  Literally, the ticket to the seat wasn’t even there.  The National Football League has issued them triple face value of the ticket and NFL honored guests for next years Super Bowl.  I guess they hope the Packers and the Steelers will be in the Big Game once again huh.

Before the game started, poor Christina Aguilera botched the National Anthem.  It’s not like this hasn’t been done before.  There have been many attempts where the singer goes off into another direction.  Thankfully, and quite professional, Christina never once missed a beat.  She missed the lyrics obviously, which were noticeable, but never sang one note out of tune.  That, she does have to get praised for.  The excuse of she got lost in the moment, well c’mon Christina…your a professional and this is the grand stage.  The bar is set high, it is an honor to sing those lines in an american game.  Chalk it up as failure, admit you screwed up, and we will all move on.

Now…how can I say this.  Fergie attempting to sing, wow.  The auto-tune that she apparently uses was not working.  Was that a punishment towards Axel Rose.  Slash came out on stage, usually get-up, playing Sweet Child of Mine as Fergie broke every car window in the stadium parking lot.  Meanwhile the choreography was off so bad that the cameras couldn’t even pan back to give a shot of the field.  The letter “V” in love wasn’t working and when they tried to make circles around the stage, the left side was way off.  The Black Eyed Peas really didn’t do any of the entertaining you would have thought.  In fact, the highlight was that Usher fell down from sky as what I think was God saving us  from watching this disaster.

As for the game in itself, awesome.   Aaron Rodgers showed what he was worth.  He showed that he was worth saying no to the return of Favre back in Green Bay.  His cool demeanor gave me the notion that he is truly one of the best quarterbacks in the league.  Let’s be honest, he has a huge mountain to climb to be better  than Farve.  I don’t think that the owners of Lambeau field were asking for exactly that in return.  What they did get though, is a chance every year.  As Farve will never return there as a player unless he wants to retire as one, Rodgers sure made the transition easy between the two.

I understand that this was about football.  The game is most of the show.  We do have to break down and understand  that there is a Super Bowl within a Super Bowl.  The NFL likes to have  the best.  This year, they didn’t.  They had a fly-over that could only be heard from the fans inside.  Isn’t it the point to hear and see it.  Christina screwing up, average commercials and Jerry Jones preparation lead to the demise of the show within the show.  Whether we admit it or not, we watch the extra festivities that the NFL graciously give us for watching the season prior to the Big Game.  Maybe I’m being to harsh, maybe the show has been great for some many years that this ranks below them.  I doubt that though considering the circumstances.  It’s done and over with thankfully, no more Fergie.  Like they say to the other 31 teams in the NFL, there is always next year.  Hey Jerry, you’ve just completed the Super Bowl and ruined it for 400 people…what are you going to do next.?

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