Wild card team the Green Bay Packers, led by quarterback Aaron Rodgers, spoiled the ride that was Michael Vick’s comeback to the NFL as well as his recovery to be the role model he once was.  Yesterday’s game was full of Eagle’s miscues and poor timing in deciding to start scoring late in the game.  The usually clutch kicker going 32 of 38 for the regular season, David Akers misses from 41 yards and 34 yards which would have essentially put the Eagles up by one at the end of the fourth quarter.  The blame should not rest on just those field goals.  This is the play-offs, this was the Green Bay Packers.  Philadelphia needed to score more points than just their three in the first half.  The Eagles were a team that scored an average of 27.4 points per game, falling only behind New England with 32.4 and San Diego at 27.6.  Clearly the Eagles just weren’t themselves, or were they?  They average 389 YPG, yesterday they had 352 total yards.  Vick threw for 292 yards but on the season only averaged 244. The thing that killed them wasn’t the final turnover that number 7 intended to throw to  Riley Cooper was instead brought down by Tramon Williams, it was that they visited the red zone 3 times to only score once.  Aaron Rodgers on the other hand went 3 times also, scoring touchdowns on all three attempts.

Philadelphia knew that they needed to score on every drive.  They didn’t.  Akers can’t be fully blamed just for the shear fact that the Eagles didn’t play like they wanted to win this game.  You try to blame Vick for the pass that was intercepted but defensively they couldn’t stop crucial third down situations going 8 for 13.  That took time off the clock, left the defense on the field, and the almighty Michael Vick sitting on the bench.  Green Bay gave plenty of opportunities to change this game.  Aaron Rodgers only passed for 171 yards.  James Jones helped by dropping a pass late in the first half to not add more pain to the lead and there were two fumbles that should have resulted in points.

There are always going to be penalties in a game.  Philadelphia’s were all at the wrong time.  What looked to be a bad punt from Green Bay, turns out to be pushed back to inside Philadelphia’s 30.  Despite being sore, Desean Jackson’s motion of  ‘c’mon give me the ball’ was brought back due to an early holding call.  A penalty is never a good thing and there isn’t ever a good time, but in this game it was defiantly a game changer.  It made Marty Mornhinweg’s offense effectively work harder, which it wasn’t able to do for 60 minutes.

Yes, the off-season came early.  This does suck, but the first thing that needs to be done is put a nice contract offer on the desk of Michael Vick’s agent.  Vick showed that he could be a decent pocket quarterback and the leader of the team.  We already know what his legs can do, but Vick really impressed me, and I don’t really think that Kolb is our future.  Michael might have a little loyalty to us considering that we gave him his chance back into the NFL.  Who not to have on your side besides the wonderful fans of Philadelphia?

Sadly, the two year deal of what was supposed to be back-up QB Michael Vick is over.  Philadelphia has to decide between a what to me was a too early draft pick in Kevin Kolb or to pay big bucks for Vick.  Vick has shown that he is a changed player on the field.  His time in Atlanta was a great spectacle to see.  Here in the city of Brotherly Love, this show was mature.  You could actually see why he was drafted first overall from Virginia Tech back in 2001.  He has paid his dues for dog fighting, in my opinion he’s working overtime.  He still does anti-animal abuse shows, he has kept himself out of the limelight, and for the most part seems sincere in his regrets.  One thing that you do have to understand is that it was his house and his operation.  Except, that just like the mafia godfathers, rarely are they around for the killings.  Look, if I brought my dog to a dogfight and lost my paycheck, I would leave and find someone who wanted to pay for my story and I would tell them that I saw Michael Vick in there.  I doubt that he was there.  I doubt he killed the dogs.  Possibly in the early years when he was trying to establish this dog fighting ring, but not when it was raided.  They caught everyone else there besides Vick.  Everyone dimed him out and he took it.  Every one of his friends feared jail and decided that his friendship wasn’t worth it.  You mean to tell me that no one would have went to jail for him?  Whether he asked or not, one of his pals should have said “look, you take care of me and I’ll do the time.”  Nobody did that, not saying it’s right but I am saying that it happens.  He lost endorsements and his sponsors.  Lost his creditability to the public eye and it has to hurt when your little girl looks up at you and says “daddy I would like a puppy.”  He took his sentence like any Godfather would have.  Suit and tie, head held high, and taking his conviction and moving on.  Is he out of it, I don’t know, I would hope so.  Should he be an inspiration to little kids across the world for his actions in this?  Absolutely not.  Although, he should be looked at as an inspiration for how he handled it after he got sentenced.  From the picketers outside Lincoln Financial, to the outcry of every animal rights activist across the NFL cities.  He took it for what it was, a learning experience, a way to mature, finally seeing that money doesn’t answer everything.  He took this city by storm and I for one support him.  He was wrong and he deservedly went to jail, but I believe that he is a changed man.  I waited for a long time in this line, and the Michael Vick Experience was a hell of a ride.

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